Keynotes & Tutorials

 Professor Darrell Mann, Director, CEO, Systematic Innovation Network

Keynote:Using Systematic Innovation to Accurately Map Future Markets & Scenarios

Tutorial:Systematic Service Innovation

Dr. Olga Bogatyreva, Director BioTRIZ, Ltd.

 Tutorial:Integrating Biology and TRIZ for Innovative Design

Professor Runhua Tan, Vice President of Hebei University of Technology and Chair of China TRIZ Association

Special Talk:Opportunity-Driven Redesign Process and Training for Innovative Design in China

Professor D. Daniel Sheu, President, International Society of Innovation Methods

Tutorial: Systematic Patent Circumvention, Enhancement, and Re-generation using TRIZ

Prof. Kyeongwon Lee, Korea Polytechnic University

Special Talk:Effective strategy to promote and practice TRIZ and Design thinking in companies: findings and lessons learnt from Korean practices

Prof. Yon Chung, China University of Politics and Law

Special Talk:Social Systems Engineering and Innovative Methods

Mr. Xiaochuan Wang, Sogou CEO, Former Sohu Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Special Talk:Artificial Intelligence and Innovation