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Attractions: the Mutianyu Great Wall & the Summer Palace
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First stop: the Mutianyu Great Wall「慕田峪長城」的圖片搜尋結果
The Mutianyu Great Wall has a long history, splendid culture, 73 kilometers from Beijing City, Beijing is the famous the Great Wall attractions, is the essence of Ming Dynasty the Great Wall. The Mutianyu Great Wall building has a unique style, three watchtowers and. One is related to Taiwan, the Great Wall is rare. The northwest is known as the "cow horns", "buckle and flying eagle up" the Great Wall landscape node, its potential steep towering, undulating, such as dragon soar. In spring, flowers Zhengyan, flowers are blooming; summer, covered with green, gurgling water; autumn leaves Manshan fruit, tired tired; winter, snow, a Snow gleams white., Northland scenery, enjoy "the Great Wall Mutianyu show" reputation at home and abroad. Mutianyu off Taiwan strange, Mutianyu and pass, Shanhaiguan, Jiayuguan and so on are not the same, is related to Taiwan is composed of three hollow fortresses, and communicating Chu, on both sides of building small, middle A large building, three watchtowers on three Wangting, closed without a center, but in the east of Taiwan, Taiwan is shut out of doors on both sides of the watchtowers, this unique customs station building is the Great Wall are rare.
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The second stop: the Summer Palace

The Summer Palace, Beijing City, the ancient royal garden, formerly Qingyi Park, located in the western suburbs of Beijing, fifteen km away from the city, covers an area of about two hundred and ninety hectares, and the Old Summer Palace. It is adjacent to Kunming lake, longevity hill is based in Hangzhou, West Lake as a blueprint, a large landscape drawing design methods of Jiangnan gardens built the Royal Palace Regency is best preserved, known as the "Royal Garden Museum", is the national key scenic spots. The Qing Dynasty Qianlong emperor to the throne before, in the western suburbs of Beijing area, built four large-scale royal garden. Fifteen years of Qianlong (1750), the emperor to honor his mother queen ST use of filial piety 448 Wanliangbai silver here into the Qing Yi Park was formed from the Tsinghua Yuan to the Fragrant Hills up to twenty km of the Royal Garden District. Xianfeng ten years (1860), the Qing Yi Park by British and French troops burnt. Fourteen years Guangxu (1888) heavy Built, called the Summer Palace, for summer recreation. Twenty-six years Guangxu (1900), "eight" the Summer Palace again, the destruction of treasure was looted. After the demise of the Qing Dynasty, the Summer Palace in the warlord and the Kuomintang period, be destroyed.
In March 4, 1961, the Summer Palace was announced as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, and the Humble Administrator's Garden also announced the Mountain Resort in Chengde, Lingering Garden, and known as the China four gardens, November 1998 was included in the "World Heritage list >.2007 in May 8th, the Summer Palace formally approved by the National Tourism Administration for the state 5A class tourist attractions. In 2009, the the Summer Palace was China world record the association of Chinese largest existing royal garden.
lAbout 18:30 into the urban area, the end of a pleasant scenic spots, and then returned to the city after the end of a pleasant trip
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2, attractions tickets, professional English tour guide to explain the service, insurance