GCSI Project List

ID # Project title Team members
2 NOTTINK - the Authentication Platform based on the 3D Printing Digital Watermarking Technology and Blockchain Technology Hing Kai Chan, Min Guo
8 Every Ball Counts- An Improved Design for Sports Ball Carts Cheng-Chi Chen, Tien-Lun Liu, Tzu-Yi Hsu
9 The implementation and performance evaluation of the lean management prototype system of the water valve production line in the manufacturing industry Chen Wei-Hung, Yang Yen-Ming, Chen Hsina-Na, Sie Syu-Ru, Huang Bo-Wei
10 Systematic Modernization of Fish Smoking Method with Utilization Smoked Fish Machine based on Sustainable Technology Rizal Justian Setiawan, Yu Tzu Chen, Khakam Maruf, Nur Azizah
11 Development of AC Adapters Based on Technological Evolution Li Yu Lin, Hsin Rau
12 TRIZ-Powered Water Carrier: Redefining Access to Clean Water Katrina Mae Benavides Procopio, Hsin Rau, Giovanni Budiardjo
13 Research on applying negative ion innovative components to improve sleep quality Li Yuan Chen, Yu-Liang Ye, Ren-Fa Zheng
14 Improvement of spray dryer machine for granulation process with TRIZ creative engineering approach Sadegh Shahbazi, Abbas Mansoori, Mahdi Karbasia
15 Passive Knee Joint Exercise and Rehabilitation Device Yu-Gang Chen, Jo-Peng Tsai, Min-Ling Xie
16 Adaptive Chewing Food Development along with Intergenerational Learning for Elder Care based on Systematic Innovation Method Jo-Peng Tsai, Chih-Cheng Yeh, Shih-Li Huang, Shu-Ching Yang
17 Design of Underground Load Haul Dump Hybrid Power System based on QFD and TRIZ Shuo-shi Lu, Kun Yuan, Sha Qiao, Xiao-bing Pei, Wen-bo Qi, Xin Guo, Xin Li, Yan-ru Bai