ICSI Paper List

Paper List

ID # Paper Title All Authors
3 Method to Produce Low Density and High Strength Thin Cement Sheet Jyhjeng Deng, Teng-Hsuan Lin, Jean-Shyan, Wang, Y.C. Hsiao, Grung-Yi Tu, and Qi-Hung Huang
5 Using TRIZ in product innovation in Industry 5.0: Lessons learned from the Chinese traditional culture Wei Liu, Yuanyuan Liu, Hongning Liao, Runhua Tan
6 Intellectual property protection of 3D printing model with blockchain-enabled data storage and watermarking encryption algorithm Hing Kai Chan, Min Guo
10 A systematic new su-field structure for enhanced standard solutions Ryan Chen, D. Daniel Sheu, Maggie Y. Sheu
11 A Type of Passive Knee Joint Exercise and Rehabilitation Device Yu-Gang Chen, Jo-Peng Tsai, Min-Ling Xie
12 A NLP-based Approach to Identifying Technical Features of Patents Tien-Lun Liu, Chang-Hsi Chiang, Pei-Yu Wu
13 Introduction of Algorithm with TRIZ Tool in QC Story Sung Bok Kim, Yong Won Song, Wan Bok Park, Kwang Ho Lee, Jea Hyun Hu
14 Design of Underground Load Haul Dump Hybrid Power System based on QFD and TRIZ Shuo-shi Lu, Kun Yuan, Sha Qiao, Xiao-bing Pei, Wen-bo Qi, Xin Guo
15 Customized problem-solving process according to task type S-Cube Performance Study Kwang Ho Lee, Yong Won Song, Wan Bok Park, Sung Bok Kim, Jea Hyun Hu
16 The Upscaling Organization Structure Adaptation Simulation in Automotive Industry (Case: Global Car Manufacturing in Indonesia) Ahmad Ramdani Salim
17 Examining the Structural Attributes of TRIZ Contradiction Matrix Using Exploratory Data Analysis Won-Shik Shin, Youngjoon Choi, Jung Suk Hyun
18 The Value of Function-Oriented Search in the Age of AI: An Examination of its Synergy with ChatGPT in Efficient Problem-Solving and Data Protection Won-Shik Shin, Youngjoon Choi, Yong-Won Song
19 Priority Recommendation for Invention Principle Application Based on Deep Learning Zhang Shun, Zhang Jiannan, Zhang Jianhui
20 A Strategy for Solving Multi-Conflict Networks Based on Extension-Correlation Analysis Xu Chenhui, Zhang Jianhui, Yu Fei
22 Project-based Teaching of Product Innovation Design based on KJ/FAST/TRIZ CHENG Siyuan, DONG Jie, YANG Xuerong
23 Methods for quantitatively visualizing the degree of achievement of Own Process Completion He Xiaole, Koichi Akagi, Mori Kozo, Xia Yiyin, Sawaguchi Manabu
24 A Study on the Application of 40 Invention Principles to Solve Problems in Industrial Sites Wan Bok Park, Yong Won Song, Kwang Ho Lee, Sung Bok Kim, Jea Hyun Hu
25 Study On the Characteristics of Open Innovation Strategy of the Semiconductor Lithography Equipment Manufacturer ASML: A Case of EUVL Machine Dongjian WU, Manabu Sawaguchi, Keisuke Shinagawa
26 Analysis of Carbon Neutralization Strategy Based on Carbon Inventory Data of Electroplating Factory Mei-Hsiang Tsai, Wei-Hung Chen, Hsin-Na Chen, Yen-Ming Yang, Syu-Ru Sie, Bo-Wei Huang
27 A study on problem solving cases using the law of increasing dynamics and Su-Field analysis. Soo yeon Ko , Yong Won Song, Hong Kyun Shim , Yong Mun Jun, Seong Min Seo
28 Measuring the consistency of ESG reports of Shanghai and Shenzhen listing companies with Sustainable Development Goals - using natural language NLP as a tool TE-MEI CHIANG, MIN-CHING LEE
29 Low-end disruption based on user demand and trimming method Li Jing, Yu Fei
30 Knowledge recommendation method based on patent demand knowledge graph Li Pengyu, Yu Fei
31 Intelligent Innovation: The Journey of BigBasket, India's Online Grocer Thomason Rajan
32 The Synergy of Multi-issue Negotiation and OTSM-TRIZ: Inventive Problem Solving in Automotive Seat Design Koray Altun
33 A study on the impact of function-oriented idea integration on the improvement results of the TRIZ technique (through problem solving case) Seongmin Seo, Yong Won Song, Su Youn Ko, Hong Kyun Shim, Yong Mun Jun
34 Smart naval maintenance, bridging the gap Jorge M. Ruivo, Helena V. G. Navas, Suzana Lampreia
35 Development and implementation of Lean solutions in a laboratory environment Francisco Canas Correia, Helena V. G. Navas
36 Increasing the Time Efficiency on a Line Production João M. P. de Oliveira, Helena V. G. Navas
38 The other Face of Tinnitus we can Know Shan-Yang Wang, Chia-Nian Shyi, Zhi-Jie Zhang
39 Technology Innovation of Dryer Machine based on Sustainability Automation Systems to Increase Agel Fiber Production in Handicraft MSMEs Khakam Maruf, Rizal Justian Setiawan, Syukri Fathudin Achmad Widodo, Nur Evirda Khosyiati, Sumantri Sri Nugroho, Nur Azizah, Yu Tzu Chen
40 Construction of Intelligent Conflict Matrix Based on Deep Learning Luo XinYang, Zhang Jianhui, Zhang Jiannan
41 Intelligent Innovation Methods – From Knowledge To Wisdom Darrell Mann
42 An Innovative Design Suitable for an AI System Reading Web Format Wang Chun-Yuan, Cao Minhe, Lai Yongjun
43 Analysis of the legal norms and regulatory measures of the innovative platform economic governance Wang Zhaowei, Wang Chun-Yuan
44 Comparative Analysis of the Legal Norms of AI Ethical Governance in China, the United States and the European Union Wang Chun-Yuan, Hu Kangming
45 Innovation, Innovative Thinking and the Empowerment of Science Education Chun-yuan Wang
46 Various Innovative Thinkings are Enabled by Science Education Chun-yuan Wang
47 The Innovation of AI Technology Enabling Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Wang Chun-Yuan, Jiang Guoxu
48 Innovation of Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Manufacturing Lighthouse Factory Wang Chun-Yuan, Guo Weihao
49 TRAPOIL: A case study of making waste hair into oil spill adsorbent in marine life conservation Carlos Miguel Balboa, Kit Bryan Baroro, Zephaniah Obiera, Tien-Ting Chiu
50 Structure modification of a cleaning tool: push rake Trixia Mae Francisco, Sheiba Marie Catoc, Veb Clare Magsalay, Eser Jan Operioo, Tien-Ting Chiu
51 Applying TRIZ methodology to optimize smart farmer boots design Jewel Jane Mepranum, Xenia Noni Mae Paradero, Shiela Marie Malnegro, Camille Guerrero, Tien-Ting Chiu
52 An Innovation of High-mobility Hydrogen Production System Su Ai, Wang Chun-Yuan, Sun Zhongshan
53 An Innovation of Hydrogen Fuel Used in the Rotor Engines Sun Zhong Yonggang, Su Ai, Wang Chun-Yuan
54 Interconnection between Innovation Methods and Science Education Zhao-wei Wang, Chun-yuan Wang
55 AI Enables the Type of Medical Care, Suitable Scenarios and the Design of Medical Care Instrument AI Automation Chun-yuan Wang
56 Research on the Close Interconnection between Data Circulation Supply and Demand Market and Commodity Circulation Supply and Demand Market Zhao-wei Wang, Chun-yuan Wang
57 ChatGPT Analysis of the Improvement Method, Design Mechanism and Successful Examples of Intelligent Manufacturing Efficiency Chun-yuan Wang, Xian Lan
58 ChatGPT Methods and Operation Mechanism to Improve the Efficiency and Profit of Smart Business Trading Transactions Chun-yuan Wang, Zhao-wei Wang
59 The Privacy Protection, Fairness, Justice, Legitimacy and Security of Data and Information Circulation Chun-yuan Wang, Zhao-wei Wang
60 Research on the Path of Coordinated Development of Innovation Model and Supply Chain Capability Building of New Energy Vehicle Enterprises in China YANG Zhuang, LIU Bin, KUANG Guihua, ZHANG Wenxin
61 Establishing a High-Quality Closed-Loop System by Implementing a Digital Twin of the SMT Process Huang, Chien-Yi, Wang, Chen-Sheng, Tsai, Hsin-Mei
63 Inspiration from the Innovation of Popular Science Education of AI Sci-fi Films of Ten Sci-fi Articles Chun-yuan Wang, Min-Ho Cao, Huiling Cheng, Zeyuan Chen, Youfu Chen
64 Technological Evolution Using Backpropagation Neural Network Technique and TRIZ for AC-Adapter Development Li-Yu Lin, Hsin Rau
65 Ideation AI Application for Complexity Management Alla Zusman, Boris Zlotin, David Bonner, Boudewijn Bertsch, Ben Sadegh Babaii, Bob King
66 Knowledge-driven Selection of Circular Food Strategies Using the TRIZ Approach Wan-Chiao Chen, Hsin Rau
67 Improvement of the infiltration process system for the production of plant-based biomaterials Jeanho Park, Junki Ahn, Joon-Chul Lee, Dong-Mok Lee, Si-Young Kwak, Young-Chul Lee, Young-Pyo Sue, Yong-Won Song
70 Enhancing Idea Generation and Problem Solving: Leveraging Generative AI and TRIZ Tools Tanasak Pheunghua
72 Analysis of visual management tools with co-occurrence network Koichi Murata
73 Exploring the Development of the Adaptive Chewing Food based on Systematic Innovation Method – A Case of Scone Jo-Peng Tsai, Shih-Li Huang, Shu-Ching Yang
76 Impact of Artificial intelligence and TRIZ to new product development S. L. Mak, W. Y. Chak, W.F. Tang, C. C. Lee, C.H. Li
78 An overview of AI tools in Innovation and Artificial creativity through property-function relation (PROFUN) Simon Dewulf, Peter N. Childs
79 Development of Intelligent Surgical Face Mask Inspection System for Industrial Manufacturing Industry W.F. Tang, T.L. Chan, C. L. Won, K.N. Mak, C.H. Li, S.L. Mak, C.C. Lee

Chinese Paper List

ID # Paper Title All Authors
4 基于TRIZ的便携式按摩机械手创新设计 陈维伦,杨欣昊,陈榕晖
Psychological Compass - Unity Therapy
Gong Yan
68 應用負離子創新元件進行發酵製程控制之研究 阮氏瓊江,陳宏瑞,陳立元,徐生洲
69 應用負離子創新元件進行豆漿酸奶生產品質改良之研究 黎氏雲,陳宏瑞,陳立元,徐生洲
77 持之以恒地推进现代创新方法的普及和提高 陈盛荣
80 應用系統化創新流程進行咖啡生產與行銷之研究 鄭氏林,陳宏瑞,陳立元,徐生洲
81 應用系統化創新流程進行藥用白酒設計之研究 盧蘇茹,黎氏雲,陳立元,徐生洲