Invited Plenary Speeches

Keynote A: From Idea to Real Product – TRIZ-supported NPD Stage Gate Process

By: Simon S. Litvin, PhD, TRIZ Master

CEO/President, GEN TRIZ, USA

Keynote B: Laws of living nature for strategic management in volatile environment

By: Dr. Olga Bogatyreva, Ph.D.,DSc., Director, BioTRIZ Ltd

Dr. Nikolay Bogatyrev, Ph.D., Director, BioTRIZ Ltd

Special Talk A: Experience of promoting innovation and continuous improvement in a company

ByDr. William Wu,

President for ACME Electronics & Swanson

Special Talk B: Integrating artificial intelligence and systematic innovation for frontier researches: Opportunities and proposed approaches

By: Prof. D. Daniel Sheu

President, International Society of Innovation Methods

By: Prof. Oliver Yu,

San Jose State Univ., USA

Ph.D., Founder and CEO, The STARS Group

Special Talk D: FutureProofing the Organisation: Solving The Operational Excellence versus Innovation Contradiction

By: Prof. Darrell Mann

University of Buckingham, UK

Systematic Innovation Network